Ist alles schwarz und weiß, oder gibt es auch andere Schattierungen dazwischen? Warum muss es immer heißen: du gegen mich, wir gegen sie? Wenn du nicht dafür bist, dann bist du dagegen? Du – Ich, Wir – Sie, Arm – Reich, Krieg – Frieden. Eine interdisziplinäre Komposition in fünf Szenen für Tanz, Videoprojektion und Musik.Interdisciplinary work on the current sociological topic: Divisibility, duality, polarization on the macro and micro level, in society as well as on the personal level. The aim of this composition is to combine visual and sonic elements into a performance that stimulates both, the interpreter and the audience to think. The performance itself should ask the following questions: Is everything black and white, or are there other shades in between? Why it has to be you vs me, us vs them? If you are not for it, then you are against it? Since we all have different beliefs and views, this performance will have different results for everyone. The idea of polarization in our society is reflected in a singular person as well.
Somewhat sarcastic, but at times absurd, events from our daily lives are portrayed through the artist’s lens.
Choreography, projection, visual effects and music are equal elements of this performance. The music is created through alienation and distortion of different parts from interviews, news and other sounds found in everyday life.