Immortal Beloved

211129_Ludwig B._derniéra_1

Zeitgenössische Tanzbilder von Ludwig van Beethoven im tschechischen Tanzprojekt der ProART Company.

Dance and choreography: Martin Dvořák, Kristýna Křemenáková
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Jan Hanák – Sonority
Contemporary dance paintings of Ludwig van Beethoven in the Czech-Dance project of ProART Company (CZ)
Czech artists Kristýna Křemenáková and Martin Dvořák have chosen the three-part love letter LvB from 1812, written in Teplice and addressed to a unknown addressee, as the starting point of their creative process. To this day, three women remain shortlisted: Josephine Brunsvik, Antonie Brentano and Bettina von Arnim. Beethoven’s last 10th violin sonata from this period also served as their musical basis. However, composer Jan Hanák alias DJ Sonority transformed this into a completely contemporary sound. The choreographic dictionary tries to go through a kind of development from abstract neoclassics through modern, to contemporary techniques to absolute improvisation. In our view, Beethoven’s and Hanák’s music becomes a kind of bridge between the past and the present. The piece’s task is not to realistically reflect on Beethoven, only from his art to create new art – contemporary dance piece. A rarity is perhaps the fact that Kristýna Křemenáková not only dances, but plays parts of the violin part herself.